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Using Your Phone As A Sat-Nav (New Laws Update)

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Use of mobiles as SatNav’s Banned – Keeping up to regulations

It has now been introduced that Motorists who use their mobile phones as SatNavs are at risk of being banned from driving, police chiefs have warned.

Tough new penalties, which came into force in April, were intended clamp down on drivers using their phones to make calls and send text messages while at the wheel. However, drivers are being warned that the strict laws around mobile phones, also extend to using them as SatNavs.

While it is not illegal to use a navigation app on a handheld device, drivers do face prosecution if they touch the handset while at the wheel.

The maximum penalty has doubled, with offenders now facing a £200 fine and six points, or even disqualification if they have held their licence for less than two years.

If a police officer feels the motorist is not in full control because they are tuning their radio or using a sat-nav or phone in a cradle, they can face prosecution.

Also be aware that drivers supervising learner drivers or riders are also banned from using hand-held devices despite being in a the passenger seat.

Motorists can only use a hand-held device if their car is safely parked in an appropriate location. Pulling over to the hard shoulder to take or make a call could also result in prosecution. A lot of cars now come with built in navigation which can help reduce the risk of using your mobile.




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